Dating Tips for Men – It is Okay to Be a Man

If you wish to learn some timeless dating tips for men then you will find some here. What lots of guys miss out on is the fact that it is okay to be a man around women.

Dating Tips for Men

Something that lots of guys out there miss is that it is completely okay to be a man. I am not necessarily saying it is okay to scratch your ass and burp around women. I am saying that some women out there will try to take control of you.

If you don’t want to be bossed around by women and buy them gifts thinking that it is going to pay off then you should have no problem being a man. It is sad that there are guys out there who try to “buy” their way into her pants.

It does not work that way. Women think this kind of behavior is very sleazy and they have a good point. Money certainly does not equal attraction. I don’t care how sophisticated that French restaurant is that you take women out to.

You need to focus on building attraction by flirting around with her, exciting her, playing with her, and just make her smile. After all girls just want to have fun. Be adventurous. You need to improve yourself in order to improve your skills with women.

Dating Tips for Guys

Boost your confidence and for %$^& sake be a man! Learn to say no when she tells you to do something. For example if you walked into a bar, meet a very attractive woman, and at some point she tells you to buy her a drink you must twist it around.

Be clever with these kinds of tests because that is really what this is. Women test men all of the time and usually to see if the guy who is talking to her is a wimp and will do as she says. It has to be the other way around. This is a powerful dating tip for men.

Some women you meet will be flat out b$%^es so it is your job to play the dominant role as the man. You can just say to no to buying the woman a drink but what is even better is turning it around.

A good example is to say something like “Tell you what. I will buy you a drink if you get up and show me your best chicken dance.”. I know it sounds very corny but most of the things you say to women are corny anyway. That is really what flirting is all about.

She would most likely laugh if she is a nice girl. Then you pass the test even though she is probably still not sure about you. The whole point of this dating tip for men is to not bend over for her. Ideally you want it to be the other way around. You are a man so start acting like it around women. Just don’t be an ass%$&^ yourself or it may kill the attraction. Be playful and a tease.

Dating Tips for Men – The Power of Bantering

Flirting is pretty much essential in order to win a girl’s heart over. These are some effective dating tips for men.

Dating Tips for Men

Having small talk with women is one thing but flirting with them is a whole other ball park. Usually chit chatting about boring topics will not really turn women on so guys who do this spend more time in the friend zone and blow any chance of recovering from it.

But guys who banter and are very comfortable doing it will score big time with women. There is some psychology with bantering/flirting as there is for attracting women in general.

In a way we all project power. The way we hold ourselves physically and mentally says a lot about us and it tells this to women. Women love guys who hold their head up high and are full of energy. Guys who slouch and are not sure of themselves will not turn many heads.

This is kind of what bantering is about. Body language is also an important part of it as I will get into in just a bit. It is a powerful dating tip for men. When you banter you are teasing the woman and showing her that you have some power over her. When you banter you are basically making fun of her but in a playful kind of way.

Don’t ever make fun of a woman for real unless you want a slap and a drink in the face. But when you banter you are showing her you have value because unlike all of the other guys she meets you are one of the only ones her has the balls to challenge her.

Dating Advice for Men

An example of a banter line is “I don’t think our relationship is going to workout.”. Lets just say that you started a conversation and then she says something about herself that you may not like. Even if you do like that about her you can still joke around and drop a line like this one.

This tells her that you are playful which is a very good trait to have when meeting and dating women. Most guys who try dating women will give them the power. This is especially true for gorgeous women because guys get distracted by their amazing looks and then want to buy them dinner without any real flirting or playful touching.

Show her that you are in control and that you are sure of yourself. Bantering may seem risky at first if you are not used to it but you need to learn and master at some point. Read more dating tips for men.

Bantering and flirting should be started almost right after you have met a girl and shared some small talk. Doing it early on will get her used to it so that it is comfortable from the get go. First impressions are important hence why you need to incorporate some flirting early on.

This also opens the door for playful touching. Notice how I said playful. You should only touch a woman on places like her shoulders as a friendly gesture. You can move onto the other places like her legs but you need to pace yourself.

These are some great dating tips for men. So exactly how often should you banter and flirt when with a woman? Don’t overdo it. But do it just enough so that she knows what you want. You are not there to be casual friends. You need to show her that you want to be more than friends. It is much better to show than to tell and this is no different when dating women.

I hope these dating tips for men were helpful.

Dating Advice – The ONE Thing All Women Want

Take this dating advice for men if you wish to become better with women. It is a popular belief that the one trait a woman wants to see in a guy is confidence. But confidence is worth jack $^%& unless you have a very important trait to back it up.

Dating Advice for Men

Okay are you ready for the number one secret that all guys would love to know about women? This is the top dating tip for men. All women really want is to simply HAVE FUN!

Plain and simple women just want to have a good time and it is the man’s job to do that. Think about it. Whether you have your eye on party girls or more sophhisticated women they all just want to let loose at the end of the day and forget about how boring and routine their day job was.

The answer is quite simple if you look around you at a bar or even watch chick flicks. But if you really think about more isn’t that what guys want too? Isn’t that what you want? In order to be fun you need to want to have fun as well.

You need to spark their interest by having fun. Don’t underestimate these dating tips for men. If you are too plain and boring then she will immediately sense that and forget about you. Even if you somehow got her number it may have been because she was being polite and wanted to do you a favor.

Instead you should be doing her the favor and show her a good time. Okay so now for the number one question. How do you have fun? There are countless ways to do it. Be adventurous. Think outside the box.

Don’t just be the “dinner and a movie” guy. Heck if you really want to be creative you can think of something that does not involve money but is still a fun idea. For example maybe you have an ice skating rink in your city and you know how to skate. If she has never done that before that is perfect as you can lead the way.

Ow maybe you want to be a little risky and try to sneak into a movie theater. But then again this might not go good with some women. Try different things out. I hope you found this dating advice for men helpful.

Dating Tips for Men – Signs She is Attracted to You

It is true that men tend to be more introverted than women. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because you will usually be able to tell if a woman is attracted to you. But bad because she will have a hard time seeing if you are attracted to her.

Good thing you are reading these dating tips for men. It is not that difficult to tell if she is really into you. I am sure most guys can tell if a woman is attracted to them like if they laugh at some stupid joke you told.

It is all about body language. Some signs of her being into you include pointing her feet towards you while she is talking to you. Looking you in the eyes and smiling is always a comforting sign.

Or let’s just say you are at a bar or some place and you notice her looking at you at least two times. Basically the more comfortable she looks around you the more attracted she is probably is to you. These are some helpful dating tips for men.

Before I go onto more signs of her attraction I need to mention something at this point. It is common for women to be attracted to men but then the guy does not show his attraction back. You cannot just expect to show no signs of attraction because if you do that then she will stop showing her signs thinking you are not interested.

You need to practice this. It might sound a little crazy but you should know how to smile. Practice in the mirror if you must. You may think you are smiling but it might not look like it feels.

Once you get to talking to a woman she will show signs of attraction such as twiddling her hair with her fingers. Also if she talks more and carries the conversation if there are some pauses here and there.

Learn about these dating advice and tips for men. If all went well then she will show her attraction by wanting to see you again. This is the part when she may ask you for your name. She may even ask you questions because she wants to learn about you rather than the other way around. Share with her. Don’t leave her hanging. If you are attracted to her then you need to show it. Hope you enjoyed these dating tips for men.

Dating Advice for Men – Talking to Women

Whether you just met a woman through a friend or you want to learn how to approach women on your own you will need to learn some dating tips for men on how to talk to women.

Talking to women can be a scary thought at first. It seems like the most simple task in the world. But in order to attract women and connect you need to learn how to hold down a conversation and avoid any awkward pauses.

You need dating advice for men no doubt. So talking to women sparks up some questions like…

  • What do you talk about?
  • Should you talk about your hobbies?
  • Who should be talking more in order for this to work?
  • How do you “break the ice”?

Dating advice and tips for men is just what you need. Usually when guys talk to women they get it wrong because all they are doing is just chit chatting about whatever. The last thing you want to do is bore the woman to tears talking about something she has no interest in.

Don’t be one of those guys that leaves the connection to chance. Be a guy who reads about dating tips for guys.  When conversating with a woman you want to have control over the topic.

This might sound a little off but you need to control the connection you are having by letting her talk most of the time. You might be confused since lots of guys will try and talk a lot about themselves. But really this is the last thing women want to hear unless they are truly interested in what you have to say.

You really need to let her talk because this will give you the chance to connect with her by doing a simple strategy called LISTENING. Women love it when guys take the time to really listen to what they have to say. This is the real way to communicate. Dating tips and advice is what you need.

The key to not letting a conversation run dry is by hearing what she is saying. You need to focus on her. after all you are trying to connect with her right?

When she talks she will give you pieces of information that you can use as your advantage. Let me use a basic example to give you a better idea. This is what having online dating tips is all about.

Pretend you just met a girl at a bar. Maybe she sits next to you and both your eyes meet. You both say hi, you ask her if she has been at the bar before, and she says it is her first time as she has just moved from Tennessee.

If you started talking about yourself then you are missing the chance to get to know her. She is telling you that she just moved from Tennessee so you could ask her what brought her here from Tennessee.

You might not know it but most of the time women will always want to talk about themselves. It makes conversating easier for them. It is mainly the guy’s job to listen to them.

Then here and there you can cut in the conversation and connect. Like maybe she mentioned she came to see the rock band play which is the same reason you came to the bar. Everyone has chemistry to a certain extent.

Take these dating tips and advice for men and use them as your advantage.

Dating Advice and Tips for Men

Welcome to dating advice and tips for men. At this site you will learn how to attract and seduce women.

We will cover such topics as sparking up conversations, overcoming approach anxiety, body language and more. It is concepts like these that will be instrumental in yur success with women.

One important lesson you need to understand is how to communicate with women of course. The best way of doing this is to be a great listener. Actually listen to what she is talking about and then use that information to get deeper in the conversation. This is a mistake lots of men make.

It is one of the best pieces of dating advice for men.