Halloween Dating Tips for Men

Halloween is right around the corner which means that there is going to be a BIG opportunity to pick up women. Not a lot of guys realize this but halloween is one of the best days if not the best day to go out and pick up women.

Out of all the holidays halloween is the holiday that women want to have fun. They will be more open. Even more so than on say New Year’s Eve. Follow these dating tips for men and you should do good.

Dating Tips for Men

There is a simple but powerful thing to keep in mind when it comes to women. Most women love what is known as role play. Role play is basically when you and the girl you are with pretend. You remember when you were a kid and when you were bored you thought of creative ways to pretend?

That is what this is about. Halloween is a holiday of role playing. Everyone is dressing up to be someone else. So it is a great idea to take advantage of this. Women take advantage of this so why shouldn’t you?

Everybody who is going out spends a lot of money on a costume to impress others, mainly the opposite sex. It is a night where women can over dress, show some more skin than normal, and get away with it because what are rituals for?

Picking  a costume to wear is going to be rather tricky because most guys get it wrong. If you want to attract women by using your costume then you need to follow some dating tips for men.

First of all you don’t want to wear something feminine. This will get some laughs I am sure. But anything involving make up or a girl’s wig will make women less likely to hook up with you. Read more dating advice for men.

Instead you should think of something that women can be apart of. I know it sounds strange so let me use an example. You could dress up as Hugh Hefner and then get women to follow you around so they can be your bunnies. Or you could dress up as a rockstar and get women to be your groupies which is a perfect example. Think I may actually use that myself.

Get creative. Don’t forget to smile a lot and use your body language wisely to show that you are a comfortable dude so they want to hang out with you. Women always want to go out at night to unwind. This is especially true on Halloween. They want to have a good time with the opposite sex whether they admit it or not. Be that guy to show them a good time.

Hope you enjoyed this dating advice for men.

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