Escaping the Friend Zone

This is one of the most popular topics in the dating community. Every guy seems to have a girl-friend but not a girlfriend. Whether the girl you are interested in has a boyfriend already or is showing you no signs of attraction here are some tips to follow in order to escape the friend zone.

Funny thing about the friend zone is that you will hear different advice from different people. Usually dating coaches and “experts” will tell you that you cannot get out of the friend zone while others say you can but only after a long time.

It does take some time to get into the boyfriend zone with her so before proceeding you should ask yourself if it is worth the effort or should you just keep looking around?

You can certainly take it up a notch and make it out of the friend zone but as usual you will have to do some things that seem counter intuitive.

Dating Tips for Escaping the Friend Zone

1) Sit back and chillax a bit. DO NOT get discouraged if she has a boyfriend already. This happens all the time with guys that just meet a woman. They will start talking to a woman they just met and even spark a connection with them. Then just when they think everything is looking like it will go in their favor the girl will drop the bomb and casually mention they have a boyfriend. So what? big deal. Why not just stay as friends and continue to have fun with her? It can turn into something more serious later down the road. Again just make sure you are into her.

2) Don’t act differently around her. Pretend like she never even mentioned the boyfriend. Heck for all you know she could have just been testing you eventhough most women will not play that kind of game. But it is important to just act naturally as you would with a woman who does not have a boyfriend. After all you still have a shot with her. If you feel attracted to her and notice indicators of interest then stick around. If she is having a great time with you then how good can things be between her and her boyfriend? Exactly.

3) Show her what you want. This is all about timing. At first you want to be patient and just stay as friends. But then it can escalate. You need to let her know what you want straight up if you feel that attracted to her. This is where most guys get scared because they are not willing to take the risk of losing her altogether. You will never know unless you try. It is the man’s job to take the chance and ask her out in that way. Make it clear by saying something like “I really like you and want to take you out on a date.”. Something simple like that will let her know right away. As long as you built some attraction then you are not taking that big of a risk. If she says no then there is really not much you can do except stay friends.

4) Do not get attached. I am sure you have seen this situation in a movie or TV show when the guy gets shot down and then can’t stop thinking about the woman. Then the cliche occurs when he finally gets her and they live happily ever after, blah blah blah. Well if you took the risk and timed it right but she still told you to just be friends then the best thing you can possibly do is get over her. No excuses! Be content on your own and date other women. Actually this is possibly the most attractive thing you can do because if you just stay friends with her and she sees you happy with another woman then she might have second thoughts on what she told you. At this point you need to really be careful about what it is you want.

Hope you found these dating tips for men helpful.

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