Dating Tips – 10 Qualities Find Attractive

There are common myths among the dating community such as looks don’t matter and confidence is the number one trait that a guy can have to attract women. With these dating tips for guys hopefully you will have a better idea on how to attract women. While reading about these qualities it is important to ask yourself if you have that trait. Be completely honest with yourself. If not then feel free to change up your personality a bit.

Dating Tips for Guys – 10 Qualities that Attract Women


Being fun is of course one of the most important qualities to portray to women. Everybody wants to have fun really. You cannot just expect to be plain and ordinary and get women all over you. No, you want to be the center of attention so that all the women in the room have their eyes on you.

Sure of Yourself

You need to walk the walk and talk the talk sort of speak. Hold yourself up high and be sure of yourself. Nobody is really sure of who they are but you should at least show that you know what you are not. This is a powerful dating tip for men.


This is a big one because if there is one thing that attracts women to guys it is social proof. Women can tell you are a fun guy just by seeing you have fun with others. Have you ever saw a woman laugh and have a blast with her friends and felt like you really wanted to meet her? Exactly.


Happiness comes from within. No matter how bad you think problems are chances are they are not as bad as someone else’s. It is up to you to be happy and smile at everyone you make contact with. Hold your posture, have some swag, and just be kind to others even if they are not kind to you. It is not easy at first but eventually it will come naturally.


I am not referring to being lonely and introverted. What I am saying is you should not be needy to anybody. Take care of yourself and provide for yourself. That is what becoming a man is all about. Don’t rely on women for their stability. If anything it should be the other way around. Ideally you should just not care what other people think about you.

Just to give you an example. Let’s say you are walking down the street and you pass a group of girls who look at you. You have a confident walk as you walk past them with your back and neck straight while looking forward. But then they laugh at you. If you are able to keep your posture and resist caring about why they laughed at you, you truly a a content man. Heck they may even say something to you as that kind of body language is attractive.


Playing the male gender role requires you to be dominant. Somebody has to be the dominating one in a relationship and it is always the guys job. But it is important to confuse dominance with arrogance. Taking it too far can turn women off but just make sure you have say in all the decisions being made.

Dating Tips for Men


Being relaxed and calm will make women very comfortable around you where as being nervous and squirmy will make them nervous as well. Don’t be afraid of talking to them and just having fun. If you are worried about what they think of you then you need to stop right there. Don’t even care about what they think of you. Just focus on having a good time.


Flirting is all about playful touching and teasing the woman you are with. This is so very important during the process of seduction. It is all about having a good time and you can do this by teasing women. Make fun of them buy laugh about it. Yet another good dating tip for men.


Being well groomed is important. Obviously women don’t want to be around a guy who smells bad or looks like he just got out of bed. You need to shower and brush your teeth before going out. Keep up with your hygeine every day.

Good Looking

I know it is much easier to think that looks don’t matter. But they do only to an extent. The truth is that women talk about how hot this guy is or that guy. They might not do it as much as guys do but if a guy has good looks then more women will look at them. It is just the way it is. So be sure to clear up that acne, get in shape, and buy some nice clothes.

I hope you have learned a thing or two from these dating tips for men. Click here for more dating advice for men.

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