Dating Tips for Men – Are You Not Her “Type”?

And yet another lame excuse women throw at guys they are not feeling attracted to. This is right up there with “I have a boyfriend.” or the classic “I am too busy to hang out.”. But that is completely okay if you get an excuse like these.

Sometimes you just need to accept failure. After all do you really think you have failed just by getting shot down by one girl? These are some effective dating tips for men so pay attention. The best thing you can really do about getting shot down by women like this is brush it off.

Dating Tips for Men

Forget about it and move on. You need to have the right mindset when you are searching for your mistress. You need to be the “type” of guy that is selective. Don’t be the selectee. Don’t be the guy who constantly thinks about a woman he has lots of interest in when in fact the woman has no interest in you.

You need to learn to be self sufficient. How do you do this? Have a lot going on in your life is by far the best strategy to use in order to attract women and get them off of your mind. Not only that but you should be meeting plenty of women on a regular basis to get out of your comfort zone.

You might be confused about hos this works exactly. You have probably read or at least heard some dating advice for men such as women are attracted to guys who have a lot going on in their lives or are scarce meaning they barely have time to see them.

The way to attract women is being a rare type of guy. Guys who work real hard, have passion, take care of themselves, and make no excuse for it are the types of guys that women are magnetically drawn to.

Heck aren’t these the type of women you are attracted to? They are good looking, are productive, interesting, and show little interest in you? This is how to attract women. This is the sure for being rejected by excuses like “Your not my type.”.

My suggestion is to get into self-development. Have a lot going on in your life. Work hard at your job, start going to the gym, and take up a hobby such as playing an instrument. Women will take notice after a few months of developing yourself. Use these dating tips for men wisely.

At some point you will notice a huge difference because you will shine brighter than those guys who spend their time chasing women. You will become the type of guy that women chase. Now wouldn’t that feel sweet? Click here for some more dating advice.

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