Dating Tips for Men – Are You Creepy Or Shy?

This seems to be a recurring theme with guys out there who have trouble making that first approach with women. We have all been in an awkward situation. We see a beautiful girl walk into class, in a bar, or even at work. We see how attractive she looks and immediately get interested in her. But we stall. We don’t know what to do or say. Read on to learn what to say and do.

Dating Tips for Men

The truth is you are not creepy. So why do you come off as a creepy guy? Usually the way this happens is you get too nervous to approach a woman. You are looking at her from across the room or from where ever and she catches you looking at her. You then quickly look away.

Sometimes women may smile at you to kind of give you a sign but usually if you are just blatantly staring at her you will come off as creepy. You don’t mean to give off this vibe but it is just the way it is. Put yourself in her shoes for a second. Would you want this guy staring at you from across the room repetitively? Of course not. So why do it?

Here is one way to approach her. Look at her and wait for her to look at you and then smile and look away. But make sure you only do this once. Just doing this once will indicate to her that you are a nice guy. This is a great dating tip for men.

Now that she has seen this and you both caught eye contact you can walk up to her and say something like “Hey I caught you looking at me from across the room and was afraid you would stalk me on the way home tonight if I did not approach you.”.

This is golden but ONLY if you say it in a playful sort of way. You need to remember that attracting women is largely based on how you project yourself to them. Smile while you are talking to them. Work on your mannerisms. Even if this means practicing in front of the mirror at home in your spare time. Do what you need to do to build confidence and charisma.

A powerful skill to have with women is flirting also known as bantering. This basically refers to playing a game with them and teasing them. Have a good time using words and actions.

That line I just told you is a great opener because it creates a way more comfortable setting. It tells her that you acknowledged the eye contact you guys made with each other earlier and it tease her at the same time. Then she will likely be engaged in what you just said and say something to you like “Agh, you really think I am that kind of girl?”.

By teasing her like this you will breakdown any comfrt zone you had before meeting her. This is what “breaking the ice” is all about. It is not about overused pick up lines. Use these dating tips for men well.

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