Dating Tips for Men – Signs She is Attracted to You

It is true that men tend to be more introverted than women. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because you will usually be able to tell if a woman is attracted to you. But bad because she will have a hard time seeing if you are attracted to her.

Good thing you are reading these dating tips for men. It is not that difficult to tell if she is really into you. I am sure most guys can tell if a woman is attracted to them like if they laugh at some stupid joke you told.

It is all about body language. Some signs of her being into you include pointing her feet towards you while she is talking to you. Looking you in the eyes and smiling is always a comforting sign.

Or let’s just say you are at a bar or some place and you notice her looking at you at least two times. Basically the more comfortable she looks around you the more attracted she is probably is to you. These are some helpful dating tips for men.

Before I go onto more signs of her attraction I need to mention something at this point. It is common for women to be attracted to men but then the guy does not show his attraction back. You cannot just expect to show no signs of attraction because if you do that then she will stop showing her signs thinking you are not interested.

You need to practice this. It might sound a little crazy but you should know how to smile. Practice in the mirror if you must. You may think you are smiling but it might not look like it feels.

Once you get to talking to a woman she will show signs of attraction such as twiddling her hair with her fingers. Also if she talks more and carries the conversation if there are some pauses here and there.

Learn about these dating advice and tips for men. If all went well then she will show her attraction by wanting to see you again. This is the part when she may ask you for your name. She may even ask you questions because she wants to learn about you rather than the other way around. Share with her. Don’t leave her hanging. If you are attracted to her then you need to show it. Hope you enjoyed these dating tips for men.

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