Dating Tips for Men – The Worst Advice You Can Get

The worst advice you can get is not using pick up lines even though that is the kind of dating advice for men you should never consider. But one of the worst tips you can get is to just be yourself.

Real Dating Advice for Men

Just being yourself is the worst advice you can get in my opinion because it limits you. I am not trying to insult you here by saying that you will not get women by just being yourself. I am just saying that the next time you ask someone for dating advice and they say “Just be yourself.” just nod your head and ignore them.

I used to get this advice all of the time when I was younger and it never really worked. All that meant to me was to just keep doing what I was doing and beautiful women and relationships will come find me rather than me going after it.

Do you see my point here? Just be yourself is so shallow and does not make people take action. It is the easy way of giving advice. You cannot expect that great of advice from someone with little to no relationship experience.

So here is what you do instead. Rather than just being yourself think of enhancing yourself and your personality. I am not telling you to change into something you don’t wnant to be. I am just telling you that your personality and ability to flirt with women takes practice and you need to work on it in order to get the results you want.

I mean you do want to find your ideal woman and maybe even find love don’t you? So this is how you will get closer to that goal. Really start looking at yourself and think about how you want to be.

Do you want to be a Don Juan? Then you are going to have to work at it. It does not happen overnight. All that dating advice of just being yourself is just a convenient excuse for you to use. Don’t let that excuse get the best of you.

You are better than that. All you have to do is learn how to attract women with skills like flirting and banter and then apply so that your body and mind adapt to it. Practice, practice, and practice pick up artistry.

Then at some point you will realize that talking to women, flirting with women, and dating women will all be second nature to you. You will evolve as a person. It is all about self development.

Don’t just be yourself. Advance and be everything you can be. This is what attracts women. Learn some more dating tips for men.

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