Dating Advice and Tips for Men

When it comes to meeting and dating women, you really need to understand what women want in a guy.

What Women Don’t Want

I remember when I got into the “dating game” I pretty much did everything wrong but didn’t even know it at the time. I was very needy and women could sense that from a mile away. I would show women I just met lots of positive body language thinking that is the kind of behavior that would spark their interest. To make matters worse I would try “acting cool” around them rather than just being myself and if there is one thing a woman is an expert in it is spotting a fake.

Sometimes I would get lucky and meet a woman who showed interest in me. But I could never really get past being “just friends”. I didn’t know how to escalate the attraction. I would always ask them for permission to get their number. Sometimes I would flat out tell them I really liked them thinking they would say the same thing. But all that would lead to is unanswered calls and basically never seeing them again.

What Women Do Want

Little did I know that this kind of behavior is really the opposite of what women are attracted to. I didn’t understand until I finally decided to fix this aspect of my life. So I started studying about social dynamics and what attracts women.

Women want to be with guys who show value. I’ve learned that they want men to simply be men and direct them. But most importantly they want to form a deep emotional connections with a guy before taking it a step further.

This is a process and it does not happen in an instant. Women are very emotional so it is up to the guy to make that connection with them otherwise there will be a strong resistance. Be sure to check out some more dating tips to better understand women.

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