Dating Advice – The ONE Thing All Women Want

Take this dating advice for men if you wish to become better with women. It is a popular belief that the one trait a woman wants to see in a guy is confidence. But confidence is worth jack $^%& unless you have a very important trait to back it up.

Dating Advice for Men

Okay are you ready for the number one secret that all guys would love to know about women? This is the top dating tip for men. All women really want is to simply HAVE FUN!

Plain and simple women just want to have a good time and it is the man’s job to do that. Think about it. Whether you have your eye on party girls or more sophhisticated women they all just want to let loose at the end of the day and forget about how boring and routine their day job was.

The answer is quite simple if you look around you at a bar or even watch chick flicks. But if you really think about more isn’t that what guys want too? Isn’t that what you want? In order to be fun you need to want to have fun as well.

You need to spark their interest by having fun. Don’t underestimate these dating tips for men. If you are too plain and boring then she will immediately sense that and forget about you. Even if you somehow got her number it may have been because she was being polite and wanted to do you a favor.

Instead you should be doing her the favor and show her a good time. Okay so now for the number one question. How do you have fun? There are countless ways to do it. Be adventurous. Think outside the box.

Don’t just be the “dinner and a movie” guy. Heck if you really want to be creative you can think of something that does not involve money but is still a fun idea. For example maybe you have an ice skating rink in your city and you know how to skate. If she has never done that before that is perfect as you can lead the way.

Ow maybe you want to be a little risky and try to sneak into a movie theater. But then again this might not go good with some women. Try different things out. I hope you found this dating advice for men helpful.

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