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Dating Advice and Tips for Men

When it comes to meeting and dating women, you really need to understand what women want in a guy.

What Women Don’t Want

I remember when I got into the “dating game” I pretty much did everything wrong but didn’t even know it at the time. I was very needy and women could sense that from a mile away. I would show women I just met lots of positive body language thinking that is the kind of behavior that would spark their interest. To make matters worse I would try “acting cool” around them rather than just being myself and if there is one thing a woman is an expert in it is spotting a fake.

Sometimes I would get lucky and meet a woman who showed interest in me. But I could never really get past being “just friends”. I didn’t know how to escalate the attraction. I would always ask them for permission to get their number. Sometimes I would flat out tell them I really liked them thinking they would say the same thing. But all that would lead to is unanswered calls and basically never seeing them again.

What Women Do Want

Little did I know that this kind of behavior is really the opposite of what women are attracted to. I didn’t understand until I finally decided to fix this aspect of my life. So I started studying about social dynamics and what attracts women.

Women want to be with guys who show value. I’ve learned that they want men to simply be men and direct them. But most importantly they want to form a deep emotional connections with a guy before taking it a step further.

This is a process and it does not happen in an instant. Women are very emotional so it is up to the guy to make that connection with them otherwise there will be a strong resistance. Be sure to check out some more dating tips to better understand women.

Self Improvement – The Surest Way to Attracting Women

Want to attract women? Improve thyself.

Seriously if you want to stop chasing women and would rather get chased by women then working on yourself is the answer. This is ultimately what every piece of dating advice points towards. Think about it.

One piece of dating advice is to not be needy towards the woman you are interested in. If you focus on developing yourself then you will naturally not feel needy towards her because you have your own life to live.

Here is another dating tip you will read on a ton of PUA websites. Be confident. When you focus on improving yourself rather than chasing women you will accomplish your goals. This will naturally lead you to being more confident.

So many guys out there focus on chasing women to the point when they forget to focus on themselves. If you want to get women interested in you then work on yourself. Do something, anything.

  • Get in shape.
  • Learn an instrument.
  • Get a better paying job.
  • Heck you can even try doing all the above.

This does not seem like a big breakthrough for attracting women but it is. The first time I finally came to this conclusion after years of chasing women I felt like I found the holy grail of dating and attracting beautiful women.

Women are interested in guys who have personality, work hard, are passionate about they do, are good lovers, have money, and look good. I know you may read online that looks and money don’t matter but having those things does make it a little easier to attract women. It builds self esteem and that is another big trait women find attractive in a man.

These are the reasons why women are interested in guys who are rich and famous. They tend to have a lot going for them. Now chances are you and I will not become big movie stars or rockstars.

But we can still develop ourselves so that we are more desirable to women. If you want to get good at talking and flirting with women then you should obviously improve your social life. But that should only be a part of it.

Go out and meet women. Talk to them but expect no outcome. Just enjoy them and their company. At some point you should learn how to flirt with them and create sexual tension. But for right now improve thyself and the women will follow.

Halloween Dating Tips for Men

Halloween is right around the corner which means that there is going to be a BIG opportunity to pick up women. Not a lot of guys realize this but halloween is one of the best days if not the best day to go out and pick up women.

Out of all the holidays halloween is the holiday that women want to have fun. They will be more open. Even more so than on say New Year’s Eve. Follow these dating tips for men and you should do good.

Dating Tips for Men

There is a simple but powerful thing to keep in mind when it comes to women. Most women love what is known as role play. Role play is basically when you and the girl you are with pretend. You remember when you were a kid and when you were bored you thought of creative ways to pretend?

That is what this is about. Halloween is a holiday of role playing. Everyone is dressing up to be someone else. So it is a great idea to take advantage of this. Women take advantage of this so why shouldn’t you?

Everybody who is going out spends a lot of money on a costume to impress others, mainly the opposite sex. It is a night where women can over dress, show some more skin than normal, and get away with it because what are rituals for?

Picking  a costume to wear is going to be rather tricky because most guys get it wrong. If you want to attract women by using your costume then you need to follow some dating tips for men.

First of all you don’t want to wear something feminine. This will get some laughs I am sure. But anything involving make up or a girl’s wig will make women less likely to hook up with you. Read more dating advice for men.

Instead you should think of something that women can be apart of. I know it sounds strange so let me use an example. You could dress up as Hugh Hefner and then get women to follow you around so they can be your bunnies. Or you could dress up as a rockstar and get women to be your groupies which is a perfect example. Think I may actually use that myself.

Get creative. Don’t forget to smile a lot and use your body language wisely to show that you are a comfortable dude so they want to hang out with you. Women always want to go out at night to unwind. This is especially true on Halloween. They want to have a good time with the opposite sex whether they admit it or not. Be that guy to show them a good time.

Hope you enjoyed this dating advice for men.

Dating Tips for Men – Are You Not Her “Type”?

And yet another lame excuse women throw at guys they are not feeling attracted to. This is right up there with “I have a boyfriend.” or the classic “I am too busy to hang out.”. But that is completely okay if you get an excuse like these.

Sometimes you just need to accept failure. After all do you really think you have failed just by getting shot down by one girl? These are some effective dating tips for men so pay attention. The best thing you can really do about getting shot down by women like this is brush it off.

Dating Tips for Men

Forget about it and move on. You need to have the right mindset when you are searching for your mistress. You need to be the “type” of guy that is selective. Don’t be the selectee. Don’t be the guy who constantly thinks about a woman he has lots of interest in when in fact the woman has no interest in you.

You need to learn to be self sufficient. How do you do this? Have a lot going on in your life is by far the best strategy to use in order to attract women and get them off of your mind. Not only that but you should be meeting plenty of women on a regular basis to get out of your comfort zone.

You might be confused about hos this works exactly. You have probably read or at least heard some dating advice for men such as women are attracted to guys who have a lot going on in their lives or are scarce meaning they barely have time to see them.

The way to attract women is being a rare type of guy. Guys who work real hard, have passion, take care of themselves, and make no excuse for it are the types of guys that women are magnetically drawn to.

Heck aren’t these the type of women you are attracted to? They are good looking, are productive, interesting, and show little interest in you? This is how to attract women. This is the sure for being rejected by excuses like “Your not my type.”.

My suggestion is to get into self-development. Have a lot going on in your life. Work hard at your job, start going to the gym, and take up a hobby such as playing an instrument. Women will take notice after a few months of developing yourself. Use these dating tips for men wisely.

At some point you will notice a huge difference because you will shine brighter than those guys who spend their time chasing women. You will become the type of guy that women chase. Now wouldn’t that feel sweet? Click here for some more dating advice.

Dating Tips for Men – Are You Creepy Or Shy?

This seems to be a recurring theme with guys out there who have trouble making that first approach with women. We have all been in an awkward situation. We see a beautiful girl walk into class, in a bar, or even at work. We see how attractive she looks and immediately get interested in her. But we stall. We don’t know what to do or say. Read on to learn what to say and do.

Dating Tips for Men

The truth is you are not creepy. So why do you come off as a creepy guy? Usually the way this happens is you get too nervous to approach a woman. You are looking at her from across the room or from where ever and she catches you looking at her. You then quickly look away.

Sometimes women may smile at you to kind of give you a sign but usually if you are just blatantly staring at her you will come off as creepy. You don’t mean to give off this vibe but it is just the way it is. Put yourself in her shoes for a second. Would you want this guy staring at you from across the room repetitively? Of course not. So why do it?

Here is one way to approach her. Look at her and wait for her to look at you and then smile and look away. But make sure you only do this once. Just doing this once will indicate to her that you are a nice guy. This is a great dating tip for men.

Now that she has seen this and you both caught eye contact you can walk up to her and say something like “Hey I caught you looking at me from across the room and was afraid you would stalk me on the way home tonight if I did not approach you.”.

This is golden but ONLY if you say it in a playful sort of way. You need to remember that attracting women is largely based on how you project yourself to them. Smile while you are talking to them. Work on your mannerisms. Even if this means practicing in front of the mirror at home in your spare time. Do what you need to do to build confidence and charisma.

A powerful skill to have with women is flirting also known as bantering. This basically refers to playing a game with them and teasing them. Have a good time using words and actions.

That line I just told you is a great opener because it creates a way more comfortable setting. It tells her that you acknowledged the eye contact you guys made with each other earlier and it tease her at the same time. Then she will likely be engaged in what you just said and say something to you like “Agh, you really think I am that kind of girl?”.

By teasing her like this you will breakdown any comfrt zone you had before meeting her. This is what “breaking the ice” is all about. It is not about overused pick up lines. Use these dating tips for men well.